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"Dr. M. Patricia Massicotte, or Patti to those fortunate enough to have known her, was truly a one-of-a kind physician, researcher, colleague and friend. Patti had a larger-than-life presence, always with a smile, a laugh and an infectious enthusiasm for her work in pediatric thrombosis. She exuded compassion and kindness to all, especially to the children under her care and their families...

Considered as one of the founding members of the world’s pediatric thrombosis community, Patti’s significant contributions to this field, in terms of clinical care and research, will be her lasting legacy...

Her passion for helping children was ever-present. Her dedication to her work, her patients and her family is inspiring. She leaves behind a wonderful family, countless friends and colleagues, and many children who have benefitted from her clinical expertise and legacy of evidence-based treatment. We have lost a giant in the field of pediatric thrombosis, a true leader and a well-loved dear friend. She will be missed in Canada and throughout the world."


Patricia Massicotte, M.D.

(1955 - 2020)

In memory of Dr. Massicotte


The link below is a great video about Dr. Massicotte as a physician and kind-hearted individual:

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